The multi-functional chair, designed in conjunction with The Office Group and Norm Architects, adapts to a wide range of needs and decor designs. It tackles the space and design constraints that both private and public places face, making it suitable for use in both private and public venues such as conferences, boardrooms, and touch-down co-working lounges. The Co Dining Chair combines a lightweight, elegant form with exceptional seating comfort – and the flexibility to stack up to 12 to 15 chairs in a compact tower – thanks to The Office Group's vast experience of office needs. The design's curved form and warm materials, on the other hand, integrate Norm Architects' characteristic, human-centered minimalism to residential and hospitality settings. With a variety of veneer treatments and upholstery options to pick from, the Co Dining Chair is easy to personalize to create the ideal expression and experience.

Co Dining Chair with armrest Chrome

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The Co Dining Chair in Chrome with Armrest combines a light, streamlined form with excellent seated comfort. Norm Architects' characteristic human-centered minimalism is brought to residential and hospitality applications by the design's curved form and warm materials.

This product is available for delivery within 4-6 weeks


Височина 80 cm
Ширина 62 cm
Дълбочина 5 cm
Seat Height 45 cm
Материал Stacking Shield - Polyamide

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