This talented designer is motivated by classic Danish design and strives to create simple, functional, and timeless goods using his technological skills.
Simple, utilitarian, and timeless are all words that come to mind when thinking about the TR Bulb Frame Suspension Lamp. This was Rundle's first time working with Menu, and it was a huge hit.

This luminaire was created for city dwellers who are often on the move, and it is incredibly simple to install. It's as simple as screwing it into a ceiling pendant socket. The TR Light Frame Suspension Lamp features a dimmable LED bulb and a spherical form that conceals the fitting for an understated elegant appeal. The opal glass diffuser diffuses the light evenly and without glare. Because of its elegance and portability, the TR Bulb Frame Suspension Lamp is an item you will never want to leave behind.

TR Bulb Suspension Frame Lamp

от Menu

Tim Rundle created the TR Bulb Frame Suspension Lamp for the Menu brand. Tim Rundle, a New Zealander, works from his London studio, where he produces designs for international brands. He not only designs products, but also builds interiors and installations, as well as providing consulting services.

This product is available for delivery within 4-6 weeks


Височина 45 cm
Ширина 125 cm
Дълбочина 125 cm
Материал steel

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