The geometric design is remarkable. Cast lights are suited for both commercial and home purposes and can be used singly or in groups. The graphic characteristics of ancient plumb weights, which are hanging from a line used by masons and carpenters in Ancient Egypt, inspired the Cast Pendant.

Shape 1 is small and triangular, but Shape 2 is spherical and comes in four different shapes, all of which are numbered. Shape 3 is elongated, and Shape 4 contains two pendants, one spherical and the other triangular, strung from a bar.

The Cast Pendant embodies MENU's philosophy of soft minimalism and peaceful tactility, as well as being versatile and naturally assimilating into the décor of any room or generating a sculptural sculpture by hanging one lamp on its own or clustering several into a magnificent installation. 

Shape 1 - H: 12 cm, Ø: 12 cm, G9

Shape 2 - H: 10 cm, Ø: 9 cm, G9

Shape 3 - H: 15 cm, Ø: 7 cm, G9

Shape 4 - H: 32 cm, W: 66 cm, D: 12 cm, G9

Cast Pendant Light

от Menu

Tom Chung and Jordan Murphy designed the Cast collection of basic cast aluminum lamps for Menu. A plumb bob, a traditional device consisting of a string and hung weight used by masons and carpenters to establish a vertical reference line, inspired the basic, geometric designs of the Cast collection.

  • Shape 3
  • Shape 1
  • Shape 2
  • Shape 4

This product is available for delivery within 4-6 weeks


Care Shape 1 - H: 12 cm, Ø: 12 cm, G9; Shape 2 - H: 10 cm, Ø: 9 cm, G9; Shape 3 - H: 15 cm, Ø: 7 cm, G9; Shape 4 - H: 32 cm, W: 66 cm, D: 12 cm, G9
Материал Black Powder-Coated Steel / Brushed Brass

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