The conical travertine base and curving, bronzed aluminum shade define the lamp's flawlessly balanced expression, inspired by the play on structure caused by geometric restrictions.
The light diffuses evenly across the unworked stone, which has been left raw to allow the light to showcase its natural flaws, revealing shadows and a fascinating color play that appears to originate from the base.

A dimmer control for changing the light intensity is located at the exact spot where the shade and base meet. The Reverse Lamp, which is equipped with a dim-to-warm LED light source, throws warm light on a bedside table or subdued light on a cabinet top, making it an exquisite and distinctive answer to a variety of lighting demands.

Cord: 200cm

Dimming: Controlled on top of shade, dim-to-warm, 2200k - 3000k, 560lm Max

Electrical: 6W LED Panel, CRI >85

Reverse Table Lamp

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MENU introduces Reverse Lamp, a unique lighting solution that emphasizes the natural beauty of materials. When inventing the Reverse Lamp, Danish designer Aleksandar Lazic looked to Italian marble tables from the 1970s in his search for simple and clever solutions in any given setting.

This product is available for delivery within 4-6 weeks


Височина 30 cm
Ширина Ø 24 / 10 cm

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