The striking contrast that separates Rotterdam from the rest of the world The new Circular Lamp from Studio WM is smart technology encased in a soft, organic design that appears anything but mechanical. The indoor pendant was designed to meet our ever changing lighting needs.

It does it with the use of an app that makes modifying the lamp's light intensity and temperature to best suit the time of day, season, or desired ambience easier than ever before. The Circular Lamp's ingenious reflector evenly distributes diffused, pleasant light that may be utilized for task lighting as well as ambient, mood-setting room lighting.

Imagine transforming the mood in the office from work to happy hour, or in the home kitchen from well-lit cooking to cozy hosting, all with a few taps on your phone or tablet from anywhere. It's as simple as that.

The clean, modern lines of the Circular Lamp lend it architectural versatility and a wide range of customization options. The Circular Lamp is available in anodized or powder-coated aluminum, brushed bronze, or black, and features a fabric-covered electric cable that flows gently into the shade, emphasizing its beautiful design.

The lamp's sleek, smooth style, despite its size, makes it suitable for both large and small settings. Different installations, whether hung alone or in groups, staggered or in tidy rows, in one finish or both, make it simple to mark zones and generate innovative visual effects. By downloading and utilizing the mobile app, you can change the light intensity and color temperature.

Multiple fixtures can be connected to the same system, allowing you to control one or more lamps with a single thumb swipe. If the light is installed without using the program, it defaults to a medium temperature and intensity for everyday work and life.

The Circular Lamp's softly curved shade evenly illuminates things and surrounds, never causing glare or shining straight into our eyes, in keeping with the designers' idea that every aspect must have meaning.

PCB, PC, LED panel

Integrated LED, 110V, 12W, 800lm, 2700-4000K, 35,000 hours, Integrated LED, 110V, 12W, 800lm, 2700-4000K, 35,000 hours

Bluetooth dimming and color control using the "MENU Lighting" app (available for iOS and Android).

External dimming control systems are not compatible.

Circular Pendant

от Menu

The Menu Circular LED Pendant, a cutting-edge modern lighting alternative, expresses the designers at Rotterdam-based Studio WM's belief that every aspect must have significance.

This product is available for delivery within 4-6 weeks


Височина 23 cm
Ø 55 cm
Материал PC

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